We’re Changing Our Web Address!

Hi All, We’ve had some issues with WordPress lately – disabling this site, among other things. I set us up on the web at http://www.wearecookingthebooks.com, and will be blogging from there for the duration. Please come join us there! I’ve even set up a very fancy e-mail subscription to the blog should you continue to… Continue reading We’re Changing Our Web Address!


Week 13: From Curries to Kebabs

As I’ve mentioned before, Chris came to our marriage with a respectable cookbook collection of his own. Probably more respectable than mine, as all of his cookbooks were quite well used, where as mine… well… I don’t think we’ve hit 10% of my collection yet. This week, Chris decided to make a spicy peanut sauce… Continue reading Week 13: From Curries to Kebabs

Week 12: See You on Sunday

Recently, Sam Sifton, editor of the New York Times food section released a cookbook, See You on Sunday which made me quite excited, as his recipes are generally really solid, and I’ve cooked approximately a billion of them. (note: I just checked, it’s 27) Apparently he’s been promoted to another job, so good for him.… Continue reading Week 12: See You on Sunday

Cooking Without A Sense of Smell (or Taste)

…Although arguably, I have bad taste anyway. As you probably know by know, losing your sense of smell and taste is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. Some people regain it after a few days, and for some people, it may take weeks. There are theories right now that in some cases the nerve damage… Continue reading Cooking Without A Sense of Smell (or Taste)

Week ? – Do we even have weeks any more?

As I was getting increasingly sick, my body decided that what it wanted most in the world was chocolate bread. So, last week, on a day where I had debilitating headaches, but not “OMG, I want to die from Covid if it means relief from this” headaches, I started the dough for chocolate bread from… Continue reading Week ? – Do we even have weeks any more?