Week 13 Bonus: See You on Sunday

So, after my last post about this book, and remembering all the chicken recipes I’d tagged in this book, I ended up making the Chicken Provencal, which was ridiculously easy, and, bonus, the kids all loved it. To the point where Francis and Lucinda ate the leftovers for lunch the next day!

The recipe involves throwing some salt, pepper, and herbes de Provence on your chicken parts, throwing it into a roasting pan with some quartered onions, (or shallots), whole garlic cloves, quartered lemons, and some white wine. Roast until done.

It tasted amazing, and I felt particularly lazy making it. I roasted some potatoes on a baking sheet on the rack under the chicken. The most involved portion making this meal was cutting the potatoes.

We forgot to get a picture of the plated meal, as we were all starving, however, here are a couple of shots of the finished chicken and the potatoes. Which was all that was left of the meal after we ate.


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